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Binging Mom 4?...
Angela struggled as she tugged and fought to get into a pair of pajama pants. They were loose a few weeks ago. The waist was elastic and she was stretching it to the max. They slowly inched up her thick thighs as she huffed and puffed. She then finally pulled the pants up over her thighs. She groaned as they squeezed passed her wider hips. Now her butt. She reached back and stuffed one cheek in at a time. The result was a little uncomfortable. She just let her massive 7 month pregnant looking belly hang over the waistband. She grabbed a tank top and pulled it over her plump breasts. It didn't even come close to covering her belly and it stopped just below her boobs. All of her shirts seemed to fit this way now and days. Nothing could be done about that. Time to start the day.
She waddled around the kitchen, her plump ass swaying along the way. Her sons' birthday was over and as usual her house was the one left with the most leftovers. The kids were done with leftovers and refused to ea
:icon00ktcc:00ktcc 102 7
Mature content
The Science Fair :icondickraymond:DickRaymond 28 7
Star Vores Episode III: A Queen's Royal Feast
The Galaxy is in a state of all-out war. The galactic republic has just declared war on the separatist group, lead by the villainous count Dooku. However, on the planet of Naboo, Jedi padawan Anakin Skywalker and galactic senator Padme Amidala were secretly marrying in the witness of loyal droids C-3PO and R2-D2.
Despite the marriage being a secret, doesn't mean that the night was without the loving embrace of the two married lovers. "Anakin." Padme said softly. "I really hope you don't mind me asking this of you." Anakin walked up to his bride, sprawled across their bed. "Anything for you, my love." She sat up and looked Anakin in his eyes. "It's a traditional Nubian love custom for the bride to sit on the face of the groom and unleash all the 'dark side' in their body. I know you're not from Naboo but I was still hoping you'd do this for me."
Anakin, slightly deteriorated, nodded his head nervously and said "anything for you, my love." Padme smiled seductively as she crawled up Anaki
:iconpuglord69:Puglord69 29 4
Star Vores episode II: Cantina Catastrophe
Deep in the outer rim of the Galaxy, a lone X-wing starfighter zoomed past various asteroids and space debris, heading towards a small planet with a bright orange surface. Upon entering the atmosphere, the pilot sped into a more desolate part of the surface among some old structures. After gently landing the X-wing down by a house, the pilot emerged from his ship and removed his helmet.
Young Jedi Luke Skywalker walked from his X-wing to examine the ruins of his uncle's old moisture farm. Luke entered the house, passing the bare skeletons of his Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru, and stood in the centre of the courtyard. Taking time to examine his surroundings, Luke looked back on his times with his Aunt and Uncle, growing up, working on the moisture farm, his frequent trips to Tadashi Station and his experimentation with power converters.
Upon leaving the hut, he went round the back, uncovering his uncle's old speeder. Hovering past the Jundland Wastes, he came to a large cliff side area overl
:iconpuglord69:Puglord69 24 3
Star Vores Episode I: Hunger on Hoth
Several months after the destruction of the Death Star, the army of the evil Galactic Empire had been sent on a mad search, looking for the rebels responsible. A fleet of imperial star destroyers, including the super star destroyer, head of the formation, watched over the Hoth system. This was one of the only systems the empire was yet to search for rebels. On the orders of the admiral, a small object was blasted onto the planet's surface. This imperial probe droid would scan and scout the area, searching for any rebel structures, bases or activity.
About 1 hour later...
Luke Skywalker awoke, badly wounded and chilled to the bone. His sight was incredibly blurry, his head felt heavier than normal and he couldn't move his feet. It was only when his vision returned he realised his predicament. Across from him, he saw a large, white beast feasting on a dead tauntaun. It has blood all around its mouth and claws, feasting ravenously on the carcass. Only, it was upside down, as was everythin
:iconpuglord69:Puglord69 30 8
It's Zara's Turn! (Vore)
Zach and Gray Mitchell were having an amazing time at the Jurassic World amusement park on Isla Nublar! They had arrived safely at the park in the hands of their aunt's assistant Zara and were ready to explore.
They had dropped their luggage at their room and made their way towards the gentle giants attraction after meeting their aunt at the innovation centre. The gentle giants attraction was a series of small and young herbivores, big enough to ride, small enough to do no harm to anyone. Gray did not care for riding a triceratops but was fascinated with dinosaurs as a whole, meanwhile Zach somehow seemed bored at the concept of living, breathing dinosaurs. Earlier that day, Zach had to comfort Gray after learning the sad news of their parents divorce, so he decided to do something completely spontaneous.
"Gray, scatter!" Whispered Zach. They were attempting to run from Zara and explore the park for themselves. They ran towards the mosasaur exhibit when Zara noticed their absence and c
:iconpuglord69:Puglord69 38 3
Claire's Welcoming Meal (Vore)
Isla Nublar had been completely evacuated, the dinosaurs were left to run free on the island and all the visitors were now safe at the docks back in Costa Rica. Claire sat on her own among injured and crying individuals, for which she felt solely responsible. At least there were three visitors that didn't have to witness this, as they had been previously devoured by Claire. She found it difficult to control the urge that resided in her DNA, the urge to feast. She remained calm and quiet until Karen Mitchell, mother of Zach and Grey, entered with her husband Scott.
Karen looked all over the crowded docks, looking for her two beloved children. Although she couldn't see either of them, she caught sight of her sister Claire. She ran up to her in the hope that Claire knew where the boys were. Claire saw her sister approaching her and shuddered. How would she explain where her sons were? How could she live with the guilt? What would happen if Karen told people? Then the idea came to her. If
:iconpuglord69:Puglord69 32 19
Aunt Claire Vore
All hell had broken loose on Isla Nublar. The Indominus Rex had broken out of containment and all attempts to stop it had failed. Owen Grady, the ACU, InGen and the velociraptors had tried to kill it and now the raptors were running rampant in the forest.
Claire, aunt of Zach and Gray Mitchell, tried to look for a safe place to get the boys to get them out of the jungle. She came across an InGen van and opened up the back "See, seems safe, now get in and fasten your seat belts." Zach went up to the vans only two seats. "Aunt Claire! There are no seat belts!" "Yeah! A raptor could easily jump in the back and get us!" Commented Gray. Claire saw the van and panicked. "Oh god, my sister would never forgive me if anything happened to you!" She ran frantically in circles, racking her brain in search of a solution. She turned and saw the Indominus lurking in the distance and stopped. "Zach, Gray, I'm going to tell you something you cannot tell anyone. When I was in the genetics lab inspecting
:iconpuglord69:Puglord69 43 5
Claire's Hunger (Vore)
"Boys!" Claire said to her stomach. "I think it's best if you don't tell your mother about this!"
Claire sat in the back of the InGen van, her two nephews in her massive belly which weighed her down like an anchor. She didn't feel right about the fact that she ate the only two children that ever liked her, but there was something quite pleasurable about having a full and wriggling belly. She wasn't sure why, it was like some feeling from deep inside rising through her chest and her throat and..."BUURRRP!"
Zach and Gray were creating a lot of gas inside their aunt as the van swerved around forest paths. Owen was determined to get Claire and the boys off the island, despite Claire's questionable methods. Claire was on edge and couldn't rest. She tried to stay still but her full belly kept sloshing side to side. Eventually Owen came up to a calm and narrow straight leading straight to the docks. The lack of bumping combined with the sounds of her sloshing belly helped her drift into a dee
:iconpuglord69:Puglord69 85 21
Happy unbirthday
happy unbirthday
It was a summer day and 13 year old Alice was at her 8 year old brother's birthday party. Everyone was laughing and playing games and having a good time. Except Alice. Her mom had an important last minute  business and leaving her in charge of the entire party.  Sure their parents were their for the party but the kids were going to have a sleepover for the entire weekend!  She looked over at her brother Jacob with his 10 friends eating cake. She was so mad she couldn't control it. But then She had a idea. A wicked idea. She snuck away from the party to get to work.
An hour or 2 later
The parent all left leaving all the kids their to continue the fun. (The parents are all friends with their mom and trusts her with their life). When the last parent left, Alice sprung her plan into action. "Hey kids! She yelled. Come here, there's a new game." They all piled into the room. "Our mother has a huge surprise for you all through this tunnel." She said, pointing
:icontinytina72:tinytina72 9 0
Vore 43 :icontinytina72:tinytina72 14 0
Mature content
Commission: Humble Pie, Page 5 :iconsidkid44:Sidkid44 410 26
Toph's huge lunch: Digestion
  Toph lay on her back, waiting for the others to get back.  They had gone into town, for supplies.  Since she had been asleep they didn't wake her up.  And now she was starving, and there was no food!  "Great."  she said flatly.  Her stomach growled.  She rolled on her side, frowning.  She suddenly jerked up, grunting.  "OH man!"  she growled, "I could eat anything. Anything!"  Suddenly she could feel someones footsteps.  It was a woman, not very large, indicated by the vibrations she caused.  Toph grinned.  "Well I said anything."  
  She waited until the stranger came closer.  When the girl was close enough Toph got in her way.  The girl yelped and jumped back.  "Oh it's just a little girl."  She said.  "Hi, I'm Kona, you?"
  Toph smiled  "I'm Top
:iconruler101:Ruler101 110 13
School Simulation
When Kaylee walked into fifth period that day, she had to conceal her grin. It was pregnancy week in her health class, which was a graduation requirement for everyone in the school and taken by juniors. While everyone around her seemed either indifferent or disgruntled, Kaylee was secretly thrilled.
She would never tell anyone, but for as long as Kaylee could remember she had been fascinated and, yes, attracted to pregnant people. Women in the street with heavy bellies made arousal flood through her, as did comedy films about men carrying, and just the thought of being pregnant with her own could sometimes bring her over the edge.
And that was exactly what was about to happen.
"Listen up, listen up," her health teacher, Mrs. Arleen, drawled sounding rather bored. "Today, as you all know, marks the beginning of our reproduction unit here. And to show you what it’s gonna be like, so maybe you’ll actually stop and slap a rubber on, your all gonna be goin’ through a simul
:iconpregbelly94:PregBelly94 154 15
Mature content
A Night to Remember + 2 Shorts :iconroguewritter:Roguewritter 41 13
What are friends for? Vore
"No Mommy! Don't eat me!" I yelled as my mother chased me, somehow, she seemed to be growing, bigger and bigger until I was barely the size of a quarter to her! We were in a black area, with a checkered pattern tiles on the floor. After a minute of chasing me, her massive form caught up and grabbed me! She flicked me up in the air and I landed in her maw. She closed her lips, and swallowed Hard, I slid down the huge tub leading to the sack that is her stomach...
"AHHHHH" I screamed at the top of my lungs as I woke up from a horrible nightmare. I don't know what it was, but something has woken upside of me, something that hasn't scared me in so long...
~At lunch during school~
"Hey Jeff!" I smiled, bouncing over to my best friend in the whole world to get in line with him for lunch
"Huh? Hey Sara" Jeff said, trying to sound cheery, obviously faking after a moments pause
"Hmm, whats wrong?" I asked, exaggerating a frown
"Nothing," Jeff Smiled "Just hungry, and Tired"
"Why you so
:iconroguewritter:Roguewritter 274 76


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